How to use OGTester?

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What is this article about?

This article explains quickly what OGTester is and what problem it solves. Followed by a quick tutorial. We assume that you know what HTML is and what meta tags are. If not, we wrote a short article: What are Open Graph Meta Tags?

What problem does OGTester solve?

I wanted to test how meta tags looked like on a social media. These were the steps needed to test your meta tags on social media without OGTester.

  1. You edit the HTML meta tags on your page
  2. Publish the new version online
  3. Wait
  4. Share your link on Social media
  5. Did not work
  6. Edit HTML again
  7. Publish again
  8. Wait
  9. Share your link on Social media
  10. Wait

As you can see, it is very time-consuming. The above steps looks like this with OGTester:

  1. You provide the meta tags
  2. Generate a unique link
  3. Share the link on Social media
  4. Did not work.
  5. Edit them
  6. Share the new link

What is OGTester?

Simply speaking, OGTester generates a link with the meta tags you provided.

How to use to test the generate a link?

The idea is simple: you provide the meta tags and OGTester creates a unique link. You share the link on WhatsApp and immediately see how the preview looks like.


To create a link, you go to

  1. Provide the meta tags
  2. Create a link
  3. Share the created link on social media
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