What are the most common meta tags?


TLDR: The top three meta tags for the 1000 popular websites were viewport, og:title and og:image.

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How we analyzed for the most common meta tags?

In non-technical terms, what we did was the following:

  1. Get a list of the most popular website on the internet
  2. Fetch the html content of each of the websites
  3. Extract the meta tags we were interested in
  4. Perform some statistics

For a most technical explanation read the following article: Analyze Meta Tags With Elixir

What is the result?

The following list shows the top 10 most popular meta tags:

  1. description
  2. viewport
  3. og:title
  4. og:image
  5. og:description
  6. og:url
  7. og:type
  8. og:site_name
  9. twitter:card
  10. robots

One issue with the above list is that we don’t have any articles. We only look for the main domain (e..g “www.google.com”). How does the result look like if we analyzed links form HackerNews (a link sharing platform)?

HackerNews result

The following list shows the top 10 popular meta tags for articles shared on HackerNews.

  1. viewport
  2. og:title
  3. og:image
  4. og:type
  5. og:description
  6. og:url
  7. twitter:card
  8. description
  9. og:site_name
  10. twitter:title

Disclaimer: I took a sample of 100 articles. The main point of the above analyzes is to get a feeling for the most popular meta tags, so we can focus on those in the future.

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