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This page shows the current time in UTC in the meta tags. Use this link to test caching behaviour of open meta tags.

Table Format

These are the meta tags present on this page.

Property Name Content
og:description This page shows the current time in meta tags.
og:title Time is: 2024-06-25 07:47:41.909499Z
og:type website
title Time is: 2024-06-25 07:47:41.909499Z


Same data as above, but different format

<meta property="og:description content="This page shows the current time in meta tags." />
<meta property="og:title content="Time is: 2024-06-25 07:47:41.909499Z" />
<meta property="og:type content="website" />
<meta property="og:url content="" />
<title>Time is: 2024-06-25 07:47:41.909499Z</title>

Frequently Asked Questions

What is this link about?
This link is meant to be shared on social media platforms (like Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal ...).
The main purpose is to test how link previews are displayed. In order to show correct link previews, the link has to provide the correct Open Graph Meta Tags.
What are Open Graph Meta Tags?
In one sentence: HTML Tags which are included on the website, but mostly ignored by everyone except when you share the link. For further information read this article.
What does OG Tester stands for?
OG Tester stands for Open Graph Tester.
Who developed this project?
This project is mainly developed by Kiru. Checkout to discover more projects.
Can I ask more questions?
Yes, feel free to contact us via our feedback form.